Artists’ campaign for Kobane-Give an artist opera to the women of Kobane


The Artists’ campaign for Kobane, has been organized by the organization Ponte Donna and the goal is to collect different kind of artists’ opera, like paintings, furnishinings, sculptures and so on.

The campaign will end on March 2018 and Ponte Donna Organization will hold an artists’ auction so to donate all proceeds to substain the cooperative efforts of Kobane women. Through Ponte Donna fb page it will be able to follow the auction.

We thought art is the international language, through art we be able to overcome walls and border, to reach the land where our desires aim to arrive.

Every Art opera will be published on Ponte Donna – Kobane FB page and http// site at the “Artists for Kobane” page.

First, it’s possible to send pictures in digital format of the opera, giving a short description of the measures, the type, title and a short presentation of the work. Please, contact us through our FB page or our site We will let you know the address where send the opera to.

Do not forget the Artists’ Campaign aims to support women of Rojava self-determination.


World Kobane Day 1 November