SPAIN ready for World Kobane Day with 4evets


Madrid at 18:00 – Plaza Tirso de Molina
-Barcelona at 19:00 – Passeig de Gràcia 7
-Iruña (Pamplona) at 19:00 – Plaza Mercaders
-Burgos at 19:00 – Plaza de Cid

Several political and social organizations are calling to hold demonstrations on the 1st of November in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Iruñea in solidarity with the social revolution taking place in Rojava and to oppose the genocidal policies of the Turkish government against the Kurdish population in the Middle East.

With these demonstrations we wish to remember and commemorate the heroic resistance that took place in Kobane against ISIS and to show our solidarity with the revolution in Rojava, which is a beacon of hope and serves as proof of social and political advancement in the Middle East and a revolutionary example for the entire world. We stand in support of the resistance of the Kurdish people in the states of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Each one with its own specificities and inside their local framework, work for a fairer and more humane system and struggle against the fascist regimes that oppress them.

We also wish to denounce the neo-ottoman policies that the Turkish president Erdogan and his party, the AKP, are carrying out and the imperialist expansion underway throughout the Middle East. A real genocide against the Kurdish people in Turkey, Syria and Iraq is taking place at the hands of the Turkish state.

We call on all people to put into action international solidarity with the oppressed. Therefore we demand that human rights be respected as well as the following actions to be taken:

*– The opening of a humanitarian corridor to Kobane and the end to the embargo imposed on Rojava.*
*– An end to the repression against the pro-Kurdish movement carried out by the Turkish State.*
*– Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and the end of his solitary confinement. Freedom for all political prisoners, specially those who suffer illnesses and whose lives are at risk.*
*– To remove the PKK from the list of terrorist organizations .*
*– Active support for the Kurdish people in the form of economic and political collaboration.*

Let’s put into action international solidarity between peoples !!
Long live the Kurdish resistance! Biji Berxwadana Kurdistan!

Rojava Azadî Madrid
[Plz. Tirso de Molina, 1º Noviembre a las 18:00] Manifestación en Madrid #WorldDay4Kobane