World Kobanê Day celebrated in Nord Syria


KCK: The Kobanê victory is a victory for the peoples of the world
Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement marking 1 November World Kobanê Day.KCK pointed out that attack against Rojava intensified after the quadruple summit in Istanbul: “The AKP-MHP fascism exposes its animosity against the Syrian peoples on one hand with these attacks, and on the other aims to rile up chauvinism in Turkey to win the elections to be held on March 31, 2019.”

The KCK Executive Council Co-presidency’s statement is as follows:
“4 years ago, democrats, socialists, intellectuals, writers, artists from all around the world declared November 1 the World Kobanê Day, and millions of people from a range of peoples took to the streets to support the Kobanê fighters, sacrificing all to resist ISIS. This solidarity and support on November 1 was the beginning of the end for ISIS. The Kobanê resistance received moral support and defeated ISIS in Kobanê. With that, the AKP government’s plans to smother the Rojava Revolution were foiled and the Rojava Revolution, with support from the peoples, made great strides and went on to defeat ISIS and Al Nusra gangs, as well as the powers that backed them. We salute once more those who declared November 1 the World Kobanê Day and those who rose up on this day. We remember with respect and gratitude those who were martyred and wounded on the path to defeat ISIS and its supporters.

The Kobanê resistance that achieved victory with the spirit of November 1 World Kobanê Day isn’t a victory just for people of Kobanê or the Kurdish people. The Kobanê victory against ISIS and its supporters is a victory for the peoples of the world. Kobanê is a shared city of the world. The peoples of the world have a part in building its free and democratic life, and in defending it. Any and all attacks against Kobanê, which was liberated with great solidarity and support, is an attack against the peoples of the world and the forces of democracy.

The AKP-MHP government has increased its animosity against Kobanê and the Rojava Revolution, and intensified attacks over the border, threatening peace and stability in Northern Syria and Syria in general. At a time when Syrian Democratic Forces have hundreds of martyrs fighting against ISIS in Deir Ez Zor, the AKP-MHP government has shown once more with these attacks that they stand with ISIS. These attacks came after the meeting in Istanbul to support the AKP-MHP fascism, which has made accomplices out of Germany, France and Russia in these anti-Kurdish attacks.

In face of attacks against Kobanê, which was liberated through solidarity and struggle by the peoples of the world, of course the peoples of the world and forces of democracy will speak up. Whoever stands against ISIS should speak up against these attacks. Silence in the face of these attacks would mean abandoning the peoples of Kobanê and Northern Syria who defeated ISIS. It would mean ignoring the attacks by AKP-MHP fascism, who have openly supported ISIS for years. In this sense, standing against these attacks is a moral and ethical duty for all who say they are against ISIS.

The AKP-MHP fascism has exposed its animosity against the Syrian peoples on one hand with these attacks, and on the other aims to rile up chauvinism in Turkey to win the elections to be held on March 31, 2019. They want to implement their fascist dictatorship in full through a local election victory. For that, like all fascists, they have taken upon themselves to rile up chauvinism and crush forces of freedom and democracy. They will continue these attacks until the local elections, both threatening the peace, stability and democratic life in Northern Syria, and intensifying chauvinist propaganda that they are carrying out operations against ‘terrorists who attack Turkey’.

The Kurdish people, peoples of Turkey and peoples of the world must spoil the plans of the AKP-MHP government carrying out attacks with these two motives. The fascist government’s attacks of psychological war and dirty tricks for elections must be exposed, and fought and stopped. All states and political powers who don’t take a stand against these attacks should also be exposed as the supporters of the fascist AKP-MHP government that they are.

The peoples of Turkey and the forces of democracy must see that the AKP government has turned these attacks and propaganda into election tactics, and stand against the AKP-MHP fascist government. These transfrontier attacks do no good for the peoples of Turkey, and are increasing fury the peoples of the region feel against Turkey, pushing Turkey deeper into the quicksand of Middle Eastern instability and war. In this sense, all forces of democracy and all opposition parties in Turkey should stand against these attacks, in order to prevent Turkey’s condemnation to a fascist future.”

KJK: Kobanê is a heroic page in Kurdish history
Kobanê is one of the most honorable and heroic pages written by the Kurdish people to be added to their history of resistance, said the Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK) in a written message.

The statement, released to mark World Kobanê Day, on 1 November, said: “The attack by DAESH launched on 15 September 2014 against Kobanê has gone down in history as a genocide and massacre carried out with the support of the Turkish government under President Erdogan”.

The men and women, sons and daughters of the Kurdish people, continued the statement “raised the bar of resistance with the support of their internationalist comrades. We commemorate all the Kobanê martyrs with respect. Comrades like Arin, Revan, Gelhat, Paramaz, Destina and Zozan wrote unforgettable pages in the history of resistance of the city”.

Assessing the Kobanê resistance as one of the most epic struggles in history, the KJK said: “It has been acknowledged that this resistance has been one of the achievements that saved the dignity of human history. It was compared to the battle of Stalingrad”.

The message continued: “It was more than four months of resistance which also saw the important contribution of people from Northern Kurdistan, with the uprising of 6-8 October. The resistance and struggle in Kobanê also witnessed the strongest development of both the national unity of the Kurdish people and the internationalist solidarity”.

1 November, World Kobanê Day, said the statement “is a reality that has been woven with the leadership of women’s resistance and feminism. Revan and Arin Mirkan actions are the reality and symbol of the revolution in Rojava carried out with the leadership of women”.The KJK called on the Kurdish people and all the oppressed, especially women, to celebrate and organise actions on 1 November.

The KJK statement then reminded how in fact Kobanê was the “greatest defeat for Turkish President Erdoğan who kept repeating ‘Kobanê is about to fall’. Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascism has been carrying out a non-stop policy for four years against Kurds in Rojava which has led to the invasion of Afrin. Erdoğan himself is the head of the massacres, rape and extortion policies carried out in Afrin”.

Ending its statement, the KJK called on “all people, especially Kurds and women to stand up once again on 1 November to reclaim the victorious resistance in Kobanê. “Let us believe in ourselves, trust and organize on this basis, let’s take action”, added the KJK statement.

KNK marks World Kobane Day
On November 1, World Kobane Day, KNK called for the formation of a united front to stop the invasion and attack of the Turkish state against Kobane and Rojava.

Full text of the statement reads as follows:
“Today is November 1 World Kobane Day. Exactly four years ago, barbaric ISIS gangs attacked Kobane with all their might. In Kobane, a group of heroics, altruistic fighters of the YPG and YPJ, who in spite of overwhelming challenges, did not leave their city and mounted a resistance in the name of humanity against the brutal attacks of ISIS. Democratic forces and activists around the world also supported the people of Kobane and its fighters with their daily actions. This support and resistance grew stronger with every passing day and eventually saved Kobane. Since then, November 1 became the symbol of the resistance of Kobane.

When ISIS attacked Kobane, it wasn’t alone. Forces hostile to the Kurds who wanted to maintain the status quo in the region, with Turkey in the lead, supported and financed ISIS. In those days, the Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, went to the border with Kobane and met some of his supporters. At that meeting he announced with great pleasure “Almost! Kobane can fall at any moment”. Despite all this, Kobane resisted and became a grave for ISIS. ISIS suffered its first loss there.

After the summit in Istanbul between Germany, France, Turkey & Russia the attacks started.
The Turkish state and its president Erdogan have not forgotten that day and they want to finish what ISIS couldn’t. After the summit in Istanbul 4 days ago between Erdogan, Russia, Germany and France, the Turkish government intensified its threats and launched attacks against northern Syria. Turkey has been bombing the border areas of Kobane and Rojava for four days. Neither the international coalition against ISIS nor the states that participated in the Istanbul summit have taken a serious stand against these attacks and condemn the Turkish state.

The attacks of IS and Turkey are coordinated.
The forces that liberated Kobane went on to freeing most of the ISIS held regions and paid a large price for it. There is only very little territory left in the hands of ISIS. The Syrian Democratic Forces, with the YPG/YPJ as the key catalysts, continued their operations to free the remaining areas of ISIS. And right now, the attacks of the Turkish state are taking place and are in fact nothing more than coordinated support for the ISIS-terrorists. It is striking that simultaneously with Turkish attacks, ISIS-terrorists are also engaged in intense attacks against the village of Hejin in the area of ​​Dêra Zor, one of the last ISIS bastions. While ISIS is about to be exterminated, the Turkish state comes to their rescue and attacks Rojava in northern Syria.

Emergency call
This attack by the Turkish state on Rojava is also an attack against democratic governance and progressive forces.

We call on the International Coalition to clarify their position towards Turkey that provides support to ISIS-terrorists.
The attacks of the Turkish state are against the strategies of the International Coalition against Terrorism. The coalition must take action as soon as possible and stop ISIS-supporting Turkey.The International Coalition must condemn the Turkish attacks on safe areas in the north of Syria.”

It was in 2014 that 1 November was declared World Kobanê Day, following the promise by people all over the world to support the resistance. People in Northern Syria gathered at Jina Azad (Free Women) Square in Kobanê carrying YPG and YPJ flags to mark 1 November, World Kobanê Day.

During the march to Martyr Agit Square, people protested against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state against Kobanê and Girê Spî in recent days.Eid Hamid El Munhash, Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Northern and Eastern Syria, and the Co-chairman of the MSD Executive Committee member Ilham Ehmed are present at the celebration.

Speaking at the rally, Kobanê Democratic Autonomous Administration Executive Council co-chair, Enwer Muslim, condemned the Turkish state’s attacks targeting Northern Syrian people. In his speech, Muslim also called on the international community to take a clear stance on these attacks.It was in 2014 that 1 November was declared World Kobanê Day, following the promise by people all over the world to support the resistance. That day marches and actions were organised in 93 countries to support the YPG-YPJ fighters who were resisting in Kobanê.

On 26 January 2015, after 134 days of resistance, the DAESH mercenaries were defeated and forced to withdraw. This historic day became a day celebrated by the peoples all over the world.

Just days before this year’s celebrations, the Turkish occupying forces attacked some villages around Kobanê. The attacks have been read as a direct attack to Kobanê Day.

Raqqa: Victory against DAESH began in Kobanê

The great victory against Turkey-supported DAESH mercenaries, led to the liberation not just of Kobanê but also of Raqqa and Northern and Eastern Syria.

Raqqa people have been celebrating 1 November World Kobanê Day like the rest of Northern and Eastern Syria. “We salute Kobanê, – said the people – the castle of resistance against Erdogan and its DAESH allies and we salute the support of the peoples of the world to the people of Kobanê”.

Ehmed El-Ibrahim, a resident of the city, told ANHA: “Following the Kobanê resistance, Raqqa and the Deir ez-Zor were liberated. This small city stood up bravely not just to DAESH but to the Turkish state”.Ibrahim said that the YPG-YPJ fighters had defeated DAESH mercenaries on the streets of Kobanê, and added that the fighters taking part in the epic resistance have gone down to history.

Qasim al-Hemadî, a lawyer from Raqqa’s Meshleb district, described 1 November as the day of sacrifice and victory. “As people of Raqqa, we will never forget the resistance and heroism in Kobanê. The victory against these mercenaries actually began in the small city of Kobanê. This region has seen the brotherhood of people, justice and equality spreading – he added – 1 November is the day when the peace flag flies all over Northern Syria”.

Hesen Mustafa, a resident of the city, also celebrated the 1 November World Kobanê Day saying that the resistance in Kobanê beat the terrorists as well as their allies, especially the Turkish state.

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Diplomatic Relations spokeperson, Aldar Xelîl, celebrated the World Kobanê Day on his Twitter account.

Posting some thoughts on his Twitter account, Aldar Xelîl said: “1 November is the day of support for Kobanê, which resisted against terrorism for the whole world. The defeat of DAESH was also the defeat of Turkey. And as we are seeing now Turkey is continuing to act to take revenge on people for that defeat”.

The Turkish army, said Xelil “have attacked Kobanê on 28 October 2018 as well as Girê Spî. And this prove this desire of revenge. Our people continue to send a message of democracy. Turkey has been using DAESH to limit in every possible way the effects of popular resistance”.

Turkey is trying to take revenge, said Xelil. “Northern and Eastern Syria regions – he added – were rescued thanks to the resistance of the people of Kobanê and Raqqa. In Afrin, a great popular determination has emerged against the brutality of the Turkish army. Our people should carry out mass actions against the Turkish state. We will continue our resistance – said Xelil – until Afrin is liberated”.

Ending his message, Xelil said: “I would like to reiterate, it is our right to use the self-defense. International forces should take a clear stance on the attacks carried out by the Turkish state”.

YPJ: We will guarantee the humanity revolution

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) General Command has issued a written statement on the November 1 World Kobanê Day.

The statement said the following:
“We celebrate November 1 World Kobanê Day for all humanity, the peoples of the Middle East, and the people of Kurdistan who formed the circle of resistance around Northern Syria and Kobanê. We remember with respect and gratitude all comrades who were martyred in the Kobanê and Northern Syrian Revolution, our internationalist martyrs and Martyrs Arîn Mîrkan, Rêvan Kobanê, Ivana Hoffmann, Sibel Bulut and Rifat Horoz.

November 1 World Kobanê Day brought the whole world together and put its mark on human history. From India to Japan, to Pakistan, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Italy and Spain, peoples of the whole world said stop to ISIS attacks. Democratic and peaceful movements believed the Kobanê resistance would be the start of world peace, and took to the streets with the slogan, “Defend Kobanê for Peace”. In this sense, the Kobanê resistance became universal under the lead of women. All of humanity saw ISIS attacks as a great threat and joined the dignified resistance of Kobanê.

This resistance developed under the lead of Kurdish women and spread to the women of the world, and all of humanity. The resistance of YPJ fighters shook the world and gathered the whole world around the Rojava Revolution. With the Kobanê resistance, the Rojava Revolution’s identity became universal. With this identity, the Northern Syrian Revolution grew and grew, and created great gains. Hundreds of internationalist fighters joined the ranks of the YPJ and YPG. Starting with Kobanê and Afrin, they all fought in the first front lines with great sacrifice, and joined the caravan of martyrs. They turned towards the Rojava Revolution to defend humanity’s values.

Today, in the final phase of the Operation Cizire Storm, ISIS gangs are at their last breath. Meanwhile, their dirty is steadily being cleaned off of Syrian lands. Of course each step taken is a witness to great beauty and sacrifice. And it wasn’t easy creating these steps. But as all can see, Turkey and other hegemonic powers have supported the gangs with their attacks. Dirty politics have been offering support to ISIS gangs from everywhere under the guise of Syria’s security. What has come to light has shown that these powers want to steer the Syrian and Rojava Revolution to the direction of their own interests and nullify the will of the peoples of the region. Turkish state attacks against the villages of Kobanê are a concrete example of this. Everybody is aware of the practices, but the necessary stance can’t be taken on. There is no doubt that this is a situation that needs questioning for peaceful peoples.

As the YPJ forces, we continue our struggle against these attacks with the same resolve. As such, we believe that all who fight for freedom will embrace and fulfill their responsibility. Like humanity spoke up for Kobanê and created a ring of resistance around the city with their insurgency, we believe today all will gather around the Rojava Revolution and Syria to defend values of humanity today.

We as the YPJ forces will void all attacks with this faith. With our own strength and the strength of our people, we will guarantee the Rojava and humanity revolution. With this claim and this resolve, we remember all our comrades who were martyred in the Kobanê resistance and all our comrades who were martyred in Northern Syria and in the Resistance of the Age, repeating our promise for victory.”

Kongra Star:Kobanê became a symbol of brotherhood and world peace
Kongra Star released a statement marking 1 November World Kobanê Day. The statement said the following:
“The first day of November marks the international day of solidarity with Kobanê, a historic day that drew the whole world’s attention to the fortress of resistance. It wasn’t only the World Kobanê Day but the day that the Kurdish people united wholeheartedly and Kobanê became a symbol of brotherhood and world peace. Where Kobanê was crowned as the capitol of world peace. The Kobanê resistance lasted forty-nine days and continued for more than two years. From there emerged the legendary stand of the Kurdish fighters despite the differences in numbers and equipment between them and the mercenaries of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The city was surrounded on three sides and placed in the range of heavy fire. The worst terrorist and inhumane practices were carried out against them; killing the elderly, women and children in order to empty the area of its people. The north remained at the mercy of the Turkish occupation which mobilized its forces on the border to face the repercussions of the displacement of tens of thousands of Kobanê’s residents in search of security and protection. Despite all this, the Kurds didn’t surrender and defended their land with all their capabilities to fight the terrorist organizations represented by ISIS and fought side by side with the units of YPG. The resistance was successful after the sacrifices of hundreds of martyrs in defense of life and freedom of the community. Martyrs and thousands of wounded have provided the highest legend known to history when they confronted the terrorist groups with their solid mentality and they gained the respect of the whole world.

Kobanê’s resistance is not only a military victory but it’s also a victory of peace against the war of terrorism and victory of resistance against authoritarian domination. It seems that the past years of violence and terrorism haven’t satisfied the Turkish repression machine which has been hostile to the Syrian people in general and the Kurds in particular. It is Turkey once again targeting the liberated and secure areas of Afrin with the help of its mercenaries from Al -Nusra Front and ISIL who use heavy and internationally prohibited weapons against innocent civilians, women, the elderly, and children. Even the trees and stones haven’t been spared from their barbarity. They destroyed the infrastructure in Afrin such as schools, hospitals, places of worship, public institutions and monuments.

Turkey and its mercenaries have raped and killed women, replaced the indigenous people from their homes and settlements with strangers who came from Al-Ghouta and given them homes. The people of Afrin and YPG forces resisted the Turkish army with unprecedented heroic resistance for 58 days with very limited capabilities against their heavy and sophisticated weapons. The resistance continues through special heroic operations which target Turkish mercenaries and terrorist factions. This resistance was a test for all Northern Syria and it’s people: Arabs Kurds, Assyrian and others. Women in Northern Syria played a leading role in the resistance, while women from all people around the world have joined hands in solidarity.

Yes, Afrin has been conquered but it will not fall and will remain a thorn in the side of terrorism. We have defended of the people of Northern Syria and liberated the regions from the scourge of terrorism, and so will we liberate Afrin and all the areas occupied by Turkey. We condemn and deplore the barbaric acts of this brutal aggression against the regions of Northern Syria appeal to all international and human rights organizations not to stand idly by while the massacres of Erdogan take place under his policy of terrorism toward the Kurdish people. We also call for the dispatch of special committees to investigate violations by Turkey and it’s mercenaries against Afrin and neighboring cities.

We strongly condemn the barbaric Turkish attacks in the areas of and the villages of Kobanê. We join our voices with the young womens’ movement by denouncing these blatant attacks on the area of Northeast Syria.

Women Rise up for Afrin!Glory and eternity to our martyrs and shame to the enemies of the Kurdish people.”

HDP Women’s Council celebrates World Kobanê Day

To mark the 1 November Kobanê World Day, the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Women’s Council issued a press release to remind that “since the beginning of the war in Syria, in 2011, a new model of co-existence and self-defence has been developing, getting together Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians, Chechens”.

This model, said the statement “was developed through women who were a fundamental part of the Rojava Revolution and has become a model for the whole Middle East”.

The HDP Women’s Council reminded how in “2014 DAESH targeted this model of co-existence and free life and targeted women, by hitting Kobanê”.Many women, said the HDP, lost their life and fell martyrs in the defense of their city. Many martyrs, said the HDP were internationalists women and women coming from North Kurdistan.

The statement added: “What DAESH wanted to make yesterday, the AKP is trying to make today: destroying, with its mentality, the achievements of women”.”They try to destroy the achievements of the Rojava Revolution – continued the statement – but we won’t give up the Democratic Autonomous Administration model”.

HDP Amed celebrated Kobanê World Day
Kobanê became a symbol of resistance for the whole world.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Amed has joined the actions to mark 1 November, World Kobanê Day with a press statement presented in front of the party’s building.

HDP Amed Province co-chair Filiz Buluttekin, DBP Amed Province co-chair Naşide Toprak, HDP Amed deputies Semra Güzel, Dersim Dağ, Saliha Aydeniz, Remziye Tosun, Musa Farisoğulları joined the activity together with a large crowd.DBP Province co-chair Toprak read the press statement.
Toprak, said that the AKP was targeting Kobanê before the local elections and added that “the AKP-MHP fascist alliance should know that the time has come for an end of nationalist and racist attitutes”.

Toprak reminded the thousands of people victim of DAESH brutality, and said: “The mentality of darkness has been defeated by the resistance in Kobanê”.Reminding those who said that “Kobanê was going to fall, have been given a lesson”, Toprak added that “the victory of Kobanê has set an example for all people around the world”.

HDP Istanbul: Kobanê is not our history, it is our future

To mark 1 November, World Kobanê Day, a press conference was held at the HDP Istanbul Provincial Organization. Organised with the slogan ‘Free Kobanê, Free world’, at the press conference, HDP Istanbul Provincial Co-Chair, Cengiz Çiçek, condemned the latest Turkish state’s attacks on Kobanê.

“The resistance – he said – was not only for the defense of the different identities living in that region, but also for the progressive humanity and the advocacy of all universal values”.

The HDP executive said that the resistance in Kobanê is “the 21st century Stalingrad resistance”, comparing it to the resistance in the Russian city when Hitler fascism was thrown into the bin of history and the darkness of fascism was prevented from dominating the world.DAESH, said the HDP executive, represents a danger to all humanity and was defeated in Kobanê.

DBP Istanbul Provincial Chair, Ali Riza Bilgili, said that the resistance of Kobanê has been growing together with the democratic struggle of the Kurdish people in the Middle East. “To attack this resistance is to suppress the peoples here. – he said – Our struggle against oppression will be victorious”.Sedat Senoglu, HDK Executive Board Member said: “Kobanê is not our history, it is our future”.