World Kobanê Day, World Resistance Day


1st of November World Kobanê Day , 2nd of November World resistance day; Let’s smash Turkish fascism RiseUp4Rojava

World Kobanê Day was first observed on 1 November 2014 as a day of international support for the resistance of the people of Kobanê in Rojava/North Syria battling against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). Since the victory in Kobanê, World Kobanê Day has been a global day of celebration of the accomplishments of this epic resistance and solidarity with the peoples of Rojava/North and East Syria. This victory captivated the world and marked a new beginning for the oppressed peoples of the region, who built a system of self-governance that gave a voice to all of the region’s communities.

Until recently, North and East Syria was an oasis of stability in the country. Under the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria, 5 million Syrians of various ethnic and religious backgrounds – Kurds, Arabs, Christians (Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Syriacs), Turkmens, Chechens, Alevites, and Yazidis – peacefully coexisted. On 9 October, the Turkish military, in coordination with various jihadist militias, initiated an unprovoked, large-scale attack on North and East Syria aimed at destroying the DAA and ethnically cleansing the region.

This military aggression has already had dire consequences. To date, over 200 civilians have been killed and several hundred more wounded by the Turkish military and jihadist militias under their command, and over 300,000 people have been displaced. With the eyes of the world on Syria, the Turkish military and their jihadist proxy forces are committing war crimes, using banned chemical weapons and torturing and executing captives. While defending against this assault, the authorities of DAA are currently holding 70,000 ISIS fighters, families and supporters in prisons and detention camps, though over the last few weeks, due to Turkish military attacks, more 750 of these captives have escaped.

Over 11,000 men and women of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), including international volunteers, gave their lives in the struggle against ISIS. We must act to preserve the monumental achievements made possible by their great sacrifices.

We will not let North and East Syria, a safe heaven and symbol of hope for peace and pluralism in Syria, be forsaken.

We will #RiseUp4Rojava and stop the genocidal invasion and occupation of North and East Syria!

We call for all to take action now in solidarity with the peoples of North and East Syria. Please contact your representatives to voice the following urgent demands:
*Demand the unconditional and immediate withdraw of all Turkish forces from all of North and East Syria including Afrin
*Establish and enforce a ban on all flights in the airspace of North and East Syria (with the exception of flights whose sole purpose is humanitarian)
*Establish a peacekeeping force to be deployed along the border between Turkey and Syria
*Officially recognise the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA) and invite its representatives to participate in the United Nations constitutional committee on Syria
*Introduce economic sanctions against Turkey and boycott Turkey to avoid financing military aggression and war crimes
*Ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for war crimes


The revolution in Northeast Syria will prevail, fascism will be smashed! At 4pm on October 9th, the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies began their long-prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of northern Syria.

At four o’clock sharp in the afternoon, bombs rained down on people in towns and villages on the border. Jihadist militias began their advance under the leadership of the Turkish army and tried to penetrate into the border area. Turkey is talking about a “military operation” aimed at “securing the border” and establishing a so-called “peace corridor”, but the fact is that the Turkish army and the Islamist mercenaries under its command are concerned with nothing less than the occupation of the mostly Kurdish populated entire area along the Turkish-Syrian border.

The regime in Ankara speaks of the “fight against terrorism” and emphasizes that their war of aggression is not about the war on the civilian population, but indiscriminate bombing of civilian settlements, looting and mass deportations of hundreds of thousands of people, arbitrary executions and the brutal abduction of hundreds of civilians speak a different language. The further the war against northern Syria progresses, the more it becomes clear, what Erdogan is really about, namely ethnic cleansing through the violent expulsion of millions of people and the long-term demographic change of the entire region.

In the north of Syria, in the shadow of the Syrian civil war, a revolutionary and democratic social project has thrived in the past seven years that has been a thorn in the side of the region’s powers and imperialist states from the very beginning. The societies of Northeastern Syria established their own self-government and created an oasis of peace, based on the equal coexistence of all groups of the local population, the liberation of women, an ecological economy and radical democracy. The Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria has become a living example of a peaceful and democratic future for the Middle East, beyond local despotism and foreign rule. Finally, the defense forces of the peoples of northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces, succeeded in smashing the last remnants of the Turkish-based IS caliphate.

Today, Islamist militias, most of them fighters of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, are advancing again with the Turkish occupation offensive in northern Syria and spreading fear and terror. The states of the International Coalition, above all the United States of America, have paved the way for the Turkish war of aggression with their coordinated withdrawal of troops. They gave away their former allies to destruction and sacrificed the peoples of northeastern Syria to their filthy interests. The states of the world have agreed to close their eyes while the Turkish occupation army and its jihadists are committing a genocide with NATO weapons.

But we will not stand by and witness in silence the massacres that take place in the eyes of the world today. Only a broad and resistant anti-war movement will stop this war. Just as people were pouring worldwide into the streets against the Vietnam War or the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the conscience of humankind must rise in revolt today in the face of the Turkish barbarism in northern Syria.

On November 1st, 2014, millions of people around the entire world took to the streets for a day to express their solidarity with the heroic resistance of Kobanê. We call for this year’s November 2nd to be a day of global resistance against the Turkish War of Aggression, to break the normal situation and to paralyze life.

Participate in creative and diverse actions of civil disobedience, demonstrations, and many more, and take over the streets and public spaces.

As long as the killing continues, the resistance must not stop.

• Berlin, Alexander platz at 13:00
• Koln, Hauptbahnhof at 13:00
• Stuttgart, Lautenschlagerstraße at 14:30
• Frankfurt, Hauptbahnhof at 15:00
• Darmstadt, Hauptbahnof at 14:00

• Bordeaux, Maison citoyen at 13:00
• Paris, Place de la République at 15:00
• Rennes, Place colombier at 13.00
• Strasbourg, Place de la Gare at 14:00
• Lyon, Place Guichard at 16:00
• Marseille, Canabiere at 13:00
• Toulouse, Metro Capitole at 12:00
• Nimes, Maison Carrée at 14:00

• Rotterdam, Plein 1940 Rotterdam at 14:00

• Umeå, Rådhustorgert at 15:00
• Stockholm, Sergels torg at 13:00
• Göteborg, Gustaf Adolfs Torg at 13:00
• Jönköping, Rådhusparken at 12:00
• Malmö, Gustav Adolfs Torg, at 13:00

• Viyana, Langelängenfeldgasse13 at 14:00
• Graz, Graz Hauptplatz at 14:00
• Linz, Hauptplatz at 15:00

• Helsinki, Hakaniemi Market Square at 15:00
• Kokkola, Purjelava at 13:00
• Tampere, Tullinaukio at 14:00

• Limasol, Navarino 10 at 17:30

• Atina, Uni Politekniyo Arkeology at 17:00
• Gümülcine, Barış Meydanı at 12:00
• Selanik, Kamara meydanı at 17.30
• Girit adası, Iraklion at 16:00

• Prag, Cumhuriyet meydanı Prag at 15.00

• Bucurest, Scopul damaschin 8 at 15:00

• Luxemburg, Place de Clairefontaine at 14:00

• Sofia, Boulevard General E. I. at 15.00

• Bruksel, Place Victor Horta at 14.00

• Roma, Piazza Repubblica at 14.00

• Barcelona, Passeig Sant Joan amb Diagonal at 12.00
• Granada, Jardines del triunfo at 11.00
• Madrid, Plaza de la Providencia 1 at 12.00
• Xixón, Xardinos del Náuticu atAt 18.00

• London, Marble Arch Station at 13.00
• Liverpool, 93 London Road L3 8JA at 11.00
• Brighton, 12 London Road. BN1 4JA at 13.00

• Basel, Theaterplatz at 13:00
• Bellinzona, Viale Stazione at 15.00

• Oslo, Trafikkanten at 14:00

• Toronto, Yonge&Bloor to Toronto City Hall at 6pm-8pm

• Melbourne, State Library at 16:00
• Perth, Murray st mall at 13:00

• Fortaleza, Praça Prejú at 14.00

• Cleveland (Ohio), Public Sq. at 17.00
• Knoxville (Tenesse), Krutch Park at 11.30
• Nebraska, Bruin Bellevue at 16.00
• New York City, Turkish Consulate General at 14.00
• Oakland, Oskar Grand Plaza
• Portland (Oregon), Chapman Square at 14.00

• Sydney, Town hall at 13:00
• Gold coast, Sunshine hall at 16:00

• Scotland, Duke Wellington statute, Princes Street at 12:00